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How To Buy

How To Buy from Stock

Step 1

Choose your vehicle

Choose your favourite vehicle from our Stock List.

Step 2

Send Inquiry

After select your vehicle you can send us your Inquiry by click on Send Inquiry button. If not found your favourite vehicle you can send us your required vehicle by click Inquiry in top menu.

Step 3

Get Proforma

After your inquiry, we will send you proforma with full specification of that vehicle.

Step 4

Complete the payment

Please complete the payment by Bank Telegraphic Transfer from any bank not later than the Paying Due Date specified in the Proforma Invoice. When you have completed the payment, please send us the copy of Telegraphic Transfer copy via fax or e-mail as proof of payment. If your payment has not been confirmed until the Paying Due Date as mentioned above, the contract is deemed to be void.

Step 5

Receive documents

After receiving the full payment, we will arrange shipping immediately. We will send shipping schedule and copy of B/L (Bill of Lading) via fax or email.

Step 6


All documents as listed below will be sent to your consignee address by Express Mail Service after the vessel leaves from Japan. These documents are usually necessary for your local customs.

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Original B/L (Bill of Lading)
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Export Certificate
Step 7

Collect your vehicle

Once you receive the documents, please contact your local customs agent for customs clearance at least one week prior to the actual arrival date of vessel. As per customs agent, you can pick up your car at the port.

Car registration is different each country, therefore please ask your local authority.

How To Buy from Stock

Using our Auction Control Panel, you have a possibility to view all the upcoming vehicles of almost all the Japanese used cars auctions and place bid offers for those cars. We participate on actual live auctions and place winning bid offers there on behalf of you, based on the bid offers you have placed in our auction control panel early on.

You are relieved off the headache of managing multiple bid offers placed though multiple auctions. You can manage all your auction bids offers conveniently at our auction control panel.

If someone else place a higher bid offer than your, you will be instantly notified by an email, so you have the chance to review your offer again.

Register to Auction

You have to be a registered user of Asakusa Motor Co,. Ltd for participating in Japan live car auctions through our auction control panel. If you are not registered yet so you can easily register by clicking on register link. User registration is free of charge.

To pay a deposit of 1000USD

It’s necessary to make a deposit of 1000USD for each unit of your request in order to use our auction control panel. The deposit is refundable within six month of its payment and will not be refunded after 6 months.

How to Make the Deposit Payment

You can do your deposit payment by TT payment methods You’ll inform us about your deposit payment ( To attache and send the copy of your payment by e mail.)

* It’s possible to cancel a vehicle bought from an auction through us. However, if you cancel a vehicle once we have bought it from an auction for you, we have to bear auction charges and various other expenses. To cover-up those expenses we charge you 1000 USD.

Our Charge
(Including Auction fee, Clearance fee, land transportation fee(will change, if you’ll choose the car from far away Auction) and commission)

10,000 -500,000 JPY 70,000 JPY
500,001 -1,000,000 JPY 80,000 JPY
1,000,001 -1,500,000 JPY 90,000 JPY
1,500,001 -ABOVE ASK

FOB Price (For example)

Auction bid price
500,000 JPY
Our charge
70,000 JPY
Your total Payment
570,000 JPY